Help, My Dog Thinks He’s the Boss! Dominance Behavior in Dogs

A dog in a tie presses on a laptop.

Dogs may be (wo)man’s best friend, but sometimes the friendship needs a little work. Just like any relationship, things aren’t always naturally perfect from the beginning. Dominance behavior in dogs is definitely one of those things that can affect your interaction with your furry friend, but Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates can help you to keep it from affecting your relationship.


May I Have a Lick? Why Dogs Lick Ears

Beverly Hills MI Dog

If you are a dog lover, you have likely conceded that our canine friends have some quirky and often icky tendencies. Many of these behaviors are not because dogs are just weird, though. They tend to come from some force of nature that has made these habits evolutionarily or socially beneficial. 

Why dogs lick ears may not have a clear answer, but Beverly HIlls Veterinary Associates hope to help you understand this unique behavior a little better. 


Doggone It! How to Cope With a Destructive Dog

You love your dog, but you probably dislike the way they behave sometimes. Sure, dogs can be, well, dogs. They eat poop, roll around in garbage, and conduct themselves with zero nods to human decency, but none of this means they aren’t super smart or capable of being trained. 

Without a doubt, dogs can be taught not to do various things like dig, chew, go to the bathroom inside and so much more. With time, patience, dedication and lots of extra love, you can curb the errant ways of a destructive dog.