Your Role in Dog Ear Care

A cute puppy listens with a raised ear.

When it comes to your dog, the ears are a pretty great asset. Floppy or pricked, cropped or natural, they are pretty adorable and oh-so-soft to rub. They do need some attention from time to time, though, and Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates wants to share everything we know about proper dog ear care for attentive pet owners.


Hear, hear: Pet Hearing

The world would be a very different place without our sense of hearing. Like us, our dogs and cats rely on their sense of hearing to navigate their environment, find food, and stay safe. Taking good care of the ears is important, as is understanding what role they play for our furry companions.

Read on as Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates explains everything you need to know about pet hearing.

Pet Hearing Basics

While the ear of a hound may look drastically different from that of a cat, a person, or even a German Shepherd, the basic functions of the ear remain the same from species to species. Continue…