Healthy Pet Foods: You Are What You Eat

Elmhurst_BevHills_iStock_000068352321_LargeOpening a new bag of potato chips can sound like a symphony, and the anticipation of crunchy, salty goodness can be too much to bear… Junk food doesn’t just appeal to humans, though. Many pets are acutely aware of the precise moment that a tasty treat is about to be enjoyed – and the sport of begging and pleading for just one little nibble ensues.

It feels good to include your pet in your indulgence, and it seems to make them happy, too; but sharing table scraps or junk food with your animal companion has serious ramifications.

So, instead of sharing one more piece of cheese or one of your last coveted Girl Scout Cookies, the staff at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates has teamed up to offer our ideas of healthy pet foods. We’re sure that these foods will satiate your pet’s appetite, and keep him or her healthy and happy for years to come. Continue…