A Long And Happy Life: The Principles Of Pet Longevity

pet longevityThe human lifespan has increased significantly over the past century. Thanks to significant progress in medicine it may continue to increase even further!. Our pets have also enjoyed an increase in their overall life expectancy, although not quite as dramatically as humans.

We all want our pets to live as long as possible, which is why we’re delving into the complicated topic of pet longevity and how pet owners can make the most of it!

The Domestication Factor

It’s probably obvious to most people that pets enjoy an increased lifespan over their feral counterparts. The difference is particularly striking when it comes to our feline friends, who in the “wild” have a life expectancy of only a few years, but can easily live 15-20 years when kept in the home of a loving and attentive human owner.


When You Need More Than a PFD: The Scoop on Dog Water Safety

dog water safetyBoating the waterways is a bona fide Michigan tradition that’s a cure-all during the summer. From fishing boats and kayaks to pontoons and motor yachts, you can expect to see the lakes hopping with activity this time of year. You may prefer the smaller lakes, or perhaps you’re ready to tear up Erie, Huron, or Michigan. Whatever the case, if Fido plans on accompanying you on the water, make sure you have the following dog water safety guidelines in place.

A Natural Pastime

Everyone loves to swim in the summer, and dogs are no exception. Whether splashing around or doing the “doggie paddle” in deeper water, it’s critically important to have eyes on your dog the entire time he or she is near water of any depth.


Smell the Roses With Our Spring Pet Safety Tips

When you pay attention to the myriad risks out there and make safe choices, you really can have your cake and eat it, too. Remember, when we discuss spring pet safety, our goal is not to frighten you and your pet. Instead, we want you to think carefully about your surroundings to create opportunities for your pet to enjoy springtime in every way possible. So go slice that cake and take a bite!

The Cart Before the Horse

If it’s been awhile since your pet’s last wellness visit, spring is an excellent time to make an appointment. We can help you get a jumpstart on spring pet safety in the following ways: