Help! My Dog Won’t Stop Sneezing!

Beverly Hills, MI dog sneezing from allergies.

It’s spring, and pollen fills the air. You sneeze, your dog sneezes, we all sneeze. It’s summer and the wafting smoke from the neighbor’s barbecue floats by. We sneeze again. Every season brings its own crop of allergens that cause sneezing. We sneeze because allergens are irritants that get into our noses. Our bodies want to expel the irritants.


How to Determine If a Pet Has Allergies, and What You Can Do to Help Them

Beverly Hills MI dog with pet allergies

When a pet has allergies, they typically won’t exhibit the same signs that people do. Instead of reacting to allergens in food or the environment by sneezing, pets may suffer through their skin.

Symptoms of pet allergies can range from incredibly painful to mildly uncomfortable, but either way, pets should be tested, diagnosed and treated for allergies. Left alone, allergies can lead to other serious health problems and even diminish quality of life. 

Know the Score

Pets that can’t seem to stop scratching, licking or chewing at certain spots may be suffering from allergies. If they continue, hair loss, skin rashes or inflammation, and even secondary bacterial infection can occur. 


Best Pets for People with Pet Allergies

Man Lying on Bed Petting Cat and SneezingAlmost every one of us can think of at least one person who’s allergic to pets. And, when it comes to animal lovers, these pet allergies can be particularly troublesome and even heartbreaking.

Many allergy sufferers wonder if it will ever be possible for them to share their home with a beloved pet companion.

The good news is, many can and do with proper planning, adopting a pet that is more allergy forgiving, and making some changes around the home to reduce exposure to allergens.

The Myth of the Hypoallergenic Dog or Cat

Although some people experience fewer allergy symptoms when exposed to certain dog or cat breeds, there is no such thing as a 100% non-allergenic feline or canine. This is because these mammals shed dander (dead skin cells), which contain the proteins that cause allergies. These proteins are also found in saliva and urine. Continue…