Pieces of the Puzzle: Clues and Information in Pet Blood Work

Pet blood work is an important part of good veterinary care.A blood draw many not be on the top of your pet’s favorite to-do list, but checking labs on our veterinary patients is an extremely important part of checkups at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates. Pet blood work can contain valuable information and clues about your pet’s overall health. Don’t be tempted to skip it! Let’s take a closer look.

What Wellness Blood Work Is All About

Many times, pet blood work is ordered when an animal is apparently just fine. This wellness blood work is not to be overlooked, however.

Blood work allows us to screen for and diagnose problems early, often before they are symptomatic. This leads to more successful treatment and management. Wellness blood work also provides us with a better understanding of what is normal for your individual pet, helping to to build a baseline database for a single patient. Continue…