Form vs. Function: What to Consider About Pet Costumes

pet costumesFor most of us to be comfortable, we have to be able to see, breathe, hear, talk, move around, and go to the bathroom without a hitch, right? We hope the same goes for festive Halloween pet costumes, but sometimes, form and function comes at the cost of an animal’s safety and wellbeing. It’s definitely fun to get all dolled up (if only for a split-second photo opportunity), but dressing up a pet unaccustomed to clothing, crowds, and the unpredictable nature of the spookiest holiday of year can also be dangerous.

Parts and Pieces

When it comes to pet costumes, you might have one thing in your corner: pet clothing. To be sure, gear and threads have become wildly popular, especially for the smaller pet set. Trying to get your pet used to the idea of wearing a costume without ever having worn clothing before is a steep challenge. However, it’s not impossible.


Halloween Pet Costumes: Is Your Pet Really Ready?

iStock_000072194065_Large.jpgTrick-or-treat! As the Halloween frenzy kicks into full swing, it’s hard not to get into the spirit of the season. Festive and frightful lawn decorations line the street. Drug store aisles are filled to the ceiling with treats. And, of course, all of those adorable pet costumes are just waiting for your purchase.

Halloween can be an especially enjoyable occasion for those of us with pets. It’s a reason to deck out our already adorable pups, kits…and, sure, why not, Guinea pigs in the coolest pet costumes of the season. Continue…