Of All the Dangers of the Dinner Table, Pet Pancreatitis Reigns Supreme

Our family gatherings may be different this year – if they happen at all. With so many of our traditions up in the air, we may attempt to hold on to the one thing we can safely enjoy: Food. This means that turkey and all the fixings (plus dessert) loom large, whether we cook for friends and extended family or simply those we live with. 

Aside from the potential for indigestion, Thanksgiving dinner is fairly harmless for humans. Pets, on the other hand, are at risk of serious complications from ingesting fatty or greasy holiday foods. Pet pancreatitis is a significant danger that requires immediate attention and action.


Have You Heard? Ear Problems in Pets Can Be Managed!

Beverly Hills MI dog with ear problems

At Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates, we are no strangers to diagnosing and treating ear problems in pets. Most of our patients will experience some type of ear issue at some point during their life; and while most are easily treated, some can be quite serious, especially if left untreated. 

Many ear problems pets experience can be quite uncomfortable or even painful for your furry friend, but we are ready and able to help. 


Do You Have a Happy Cat?

Beverly Hills MI happy cat

Cat lovers everywhere strive relentlessly to find ways to please their fluffy friends. From cardboard boxes to feather teasers, catios to window perches, walking on a harness to playing laser tag, modern cats enjoy the finer things in life. But what truly makes a cat feel good is a day-to-day sense of wellbeing. In other words, a healthy cat is a happy cat!