Love is in the Air: Valentine’s Day With Your Pet

In the dark, cold winter months, there’s something to be said about marking the season with a holiday that’s all about love. Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate those we cherish with flowers, fancy meals, and other gifts as a way to express our love. And who could be more deserving of our love than our unconditionally loving pet friends?

Valentine’s Day with your pet may not include a gourmet meal or tickets to the opera, but there are many other ways you can acknowledge all the joy your pet brings to your life.


Party Animals: 4th Of July Pet Safety

American Burger and a Glass of BeerFamily, friends, barbeques, sun, heat, and, of course, fireworks, are all essential components for a proper 4th of July weekend for many Americans. Because most of us view our pets as essential family members, it’s only natural that we would want to include them in any and all holiday celebrations.

Unfortunately, many of the activities that make the 4th so special can be downright dangerous for our four legged friends. So before you fire up the grill or head down to the parade this year, take a moment to bone up on our 4th of July pet safety tips.

The Heat Is On

July is typically a warm month here in Michigan, and we understandably want to spend as much time outdoors as possible (trying to forget the Michigan winter, perhaps?) Keep the following tips in mind to protect your pets from heat-related dangers during the holiday weekend, and any other time: Continue…