The Rumble Down Under: Navigating Pet Tummy Trouble

pet tummy troublesIt’s bound to happen sooner or later: Almost every pet owner, at some point, is faced with caring for a pet whose digestive system is not functioning optimally. Sometimes an upset belly is no big deal, but other times it can be serious business. How is an animal lover to know when to worry?
Beverly Hills Animal Hospital wants you to know when all your furry friend needs is a little TLC and when pet tummy trouble needs attention ASAP.


The Nature of Knowledge: Dr. Google and Pet Health

BevHills_iStock_000053120748_LargeWe used to rely on relatives and neighbors to learn about new things – not to mention bona fide experts. However, in our media-driven culture, we seek knowledge on a minute-by-minute basis. In the ever-growing sea of online resources, can we find the truth among the never-ending fictional and fallacious websites?

Pet owners are no strangers to the online world. Finding information about your pet is certainly worthwhile, but taking certain medical advice at face value can be detrimental to your pet’s health. Indeed, “Dr. Google” and pet health is a hot topic, and Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates are here to help you navigate the line between fact and fiction. Continue…