Getting Through the Grief: Navigating Pet Loss

Dealing with pet loss.

Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates know how much a part of your family your pet is. Losing them can be devastating, and the grief and pain that ensues can be very difficult. Pet loss is a topic that deserves discussion, and understanding how to navigate the grief can help devoted animal lovers through a very tough time. 


Forever Loved: Dealing with Pet Loss

BevHills_iStock_000020587514_LargeWhen we open our homes and hearts to pets, we are forever changed by their constant love, friendship, and presence. Because owning and caring for a pet is one of life’s greatest experiences, it can be difficult to accept that they don’t live as long as we do. Yet the day comes for every pet owner when it is time to say goodbye to a loyal, loving, four-legged friend.

Dealing with pet loss can be frightening, unnerving, confusing, and devastating. Every member of your family will face the loss in their own way, making a support network not only important but necessary.

Sudden or Lasting

It’s widely perceived that an owner of an aging or terminally ill pet has more time to prepare for an imminent passing – but that doesn’t mean they won’t be affected by grief. To be sure, it is shocking to have to say goodbye after a fatal accident or injury takes the life of a younger pet, but every owner feels the pain of pet loss. Continue…

You Are Not Alone: A Guide To Grieving And Pet Loss

Madison_iStock_000013832378_LargeFor most pet owners, life doesn’t simply go on after the death of a beloved pet. Regardless of the details precipitating those final moments, when a pet succumbs to illness or injury it can be utterly devastating. While it’s difficult to accept the terms of a beloved pet’s death, there are appropriate ways to process pet loss, and we are here to help all of our clients take that first, seemingly impossible step toward acceptance and healing.

Deep Affection

As a pet owner, you’re no stranger to the loyalty and companionship implicit in a pet’s relationship. The powerful combination of adoration, shared adventures, and serious snuggle time add meaning to both of your lives, no matter how much time you’ve had together. Pet owners know well at adoption that a new pet will eventually age and pass away, and perhaps that’s what makes the time spent together so much sweeter. Continue…