The Skinny on Pet Skin Care

OakForest_iStock_000045008956_Large (1)Scratching, biting, and repetitive licking… These symptoms are among the most mentioned by pet owners during a pet’s exam, especially during the spring. Yet pet skin care or dermatological problems often get written off as, “a pet just being a pet” – scratching is what a dog does, after all.

While most pets will find relief from scratching themselves from time to time, chronic scratching and biting at the skin can signal a health concern.

Taking the Bite Out of Parasites

When a pet becomes itchy, one of the first thoughts that may come to mind is FLEAS. For good reason. Parasites lurk among humans and four-leggeds year-round, ready to find a host. As the weather warms, these pests become active and exposure is greater since we spend more time outside with our pets. Continue…