Your Guide to the World’s Smartest Dog Breeds

smarest dog breedsWe all like to think of ourselves as intelligent, and we are probably correct! Humans express their individual types of intelligence in many different forms; some of us are more analytical, some of us more creative, some have high social IQs, and for some, music, art, or athletics come naturally.

Like humans, canine intelligence manifests itself in various ways. And although all of our beloved pups are smart in their own ways, some breeds rise above the pack when it comes to intelligence. The smartest dog breeds all have traits that combine the best of their breed’s genetics along with problem solving ability and other traits that we generally think of as demonstrating intelligence.


Smarty Pants: Determining Canine Intelligence

Close-up Studious Dog With Reading GlassesMany astute owners can attest to the fact that dogs are smart. Some perform supportive tasks for humans, and others have the capacity to learn complex tricks.

However, while dogs seem to excel when it comes to I.Q., determining canine intelligence is often shaped by strong opinions about what constitutes “smarter than the average dog.”

Types of Canine Intelligence

One of the reasons animal intelligence is hard to gauge is because our only reference is our understanding of human intelligence. In this regard, intelligence is based on concepts such as problem solving ability and adaptability. Continue…