Poisonous Pantry: Avoid Exposing Your Pet to Household Toxins

Lazy cat lying under the dish drainer in the kitchen
When pet owners think of poisonous substances, they often think of poisons that lurk “out there” and not in the home (e.g., antifreeze that someone else left out).  However, there are many household toxins – some of which may be right under your pet’s nose.

Harmful Household Toxins

Household cleaners are commonly found under the kitchen sink or by the bathroom counter. Similarly, some of the most noxious chemicals are kept on the floor or in an easily accessible space, like under the counter or on a low shelf. A resourceful pet can easily get into these storage areas (sometimes just by accident when a cabinet is left ajar). That’s why it’s a good idea to keep these products behind childproof-type locks. Continue…