With A Swipe Of A Paw: 10 Best Apps For Pet Owners

Man and cat taking selfieThere is no denying that smartphones and tablets are a permanent fixture in today’s society. Because of this, more and more apps are being developed that cater to our real-life needs, including apps for pet owners (and even pets themselves!).

Your friends at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates are all for any type of technology that helps us to take better care for our furry friends! Check out our favorite apps for pet owners.

10 Must-Have Apps For Pet Owners

  1. Red Cross Pet First Aid –This app provides invaluable support in the event of a pet emergency, with videos, articles, and step-by-step instructions.
  2. MapMyDogWalk – Track your walks (measure your distance, pace, speed, and elevation), set goals to get you and your pet in great shape, and even discover new walking routes. This useful app utilizes your phone’s GPS technology.
  3. iCam – Ever wonder what your pet is doing all day while you’re away? Now you can see for yourself with this useful app that lets you view webcam feeds from your phone.
  4. Weather Puppy – We all check the forecast, why not see a different, cute puppy each time we do so? Or, try Weather Kitty if you prefer to ooh and ahh over adorable kittens instead.
  5. Tagg – The Pet Tracker – The Tagg app corresponds to a GPS tracking device aimed at helping you keep an eye on your pet while you’re away.
  6. Dog Park Finder Plus – There’s a reason why this app is called “the Google Maps of dog parks”. Not only can you use it to locate every dog park in any zip code, it will also offer important information on each park including fees, nearby bathrooms, and whether the park is fenced in.
  7. VitusVet – Organize and keep track of your pet’s appointments, medications, and other vital details with the VitusVet app. Set reminders for dosages, appointments, and more.
  8. Paw Me – This unique app is actually a game designed for kitties to play against each other, or against their human family members! Hours of fun for cats and people alike!
  9. Puptox – A handy app for anyone living with a four-legged scavenger. Simply plug in whatever food or plant material your pet just sneakily (or not so sneakily) devoured to find out whether it is toxic to pets.
  10. BringFido – Don’t leave home without the BringFido app, which connects you with pet-friendly accommodations, beaches, parks, and more in every city and state in the U.S.

We hope you find these apps as useful and fun as we do, and we look forward to hearing about your favorite apps in return!