It’s Hot Out There! Protect Those Precious Pet Paws

purebred curly red and white dog on the city backgroudAlthough our pets seem to run, lunge, pounce, and leap as if their paws are made of steel, pet paws are actually quite sensitive and susceptible to injury. During the hot summer months, paw burns are common, so take extra care this year and practice some general safety precautions and pet paw TLC.



5 Tips for Happy Pet Paws

  1. Check the surface temperature. Even if the weather seems perfect for a walk, keep in mind that surface temps can soar under the bright sun. To protect pet paws from possible burns, place your palm on the surface of the road/sidewalk. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too warm for your pet.
  2. Consider buying booties. Dog booties or canine shoes are awesome on the trail or other hard surfaces. They protect paw pads from sharp rocks, hot and cold temps, and any sharp debris your pet may encounter.
  3. Keep your pet well-groomed. Pet paws benefit from regular grooming sessions. Professional groomers are often the first to notice cuts, injuries, lumps, and other health conditions. Plus, your pet will be treated to nail trims and other important care to keep his or her feet in good shape.
  4. Inspect your pet’s paws. One of the best ways to monitor your pet’s wellness is to regularly inspect overall physical health. Your pet’s paws may be subject to dryness during warm weather, which means painful cracking and risk of cuts and infection. At Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates, we offer professional grooming services to keep pet paws feeling great all year long.
  5. Keep paws moisturized. Another great way to keep pet paws in good condition is to apply a pet-safe paw balm or moisturizer. This can help prevent cracking and gives your pet extra protection against harsh surfaces and hot weather.

Remember, giving pet paws extra attention is essential to helping your companion stay safe and comfortable this summer. It also provides you with peace of mind knowing your pet’s overall health is being maintained. Please contact us with additional questions or concerns.

Stay cool out there!