Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates Top 5 Blogs of 2020

Can you feel it? 2021 is just a heartbeat away… And after the year that was 2020, well, let’s just say we’re ready to turn the page and start again!

Come what may, it can’t be denied that 2020 was a banner year for our pets. Not only did pet adoptions boom, especially in the early days of Covid lockdowns, but many pets have been able to spend more with their people than ever before. And thank goodness for that!

Spending quality time with your furry friends, though, offers plenty of opportunities for quandaries and questions about their health and behavior. We are humbled to see how many of you have turned to our blogs for your research and understanding.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to offer you a look back on Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates’ most-read blogs for 2020!

The 5 Blogs to Rule them All

#5 Highs and Lows: What are the Effects of Catnip?
It’s well known that catnip is a type of feline intoxicant with few rivals. Collectively, cat lovers recognize the plant’s potency and use it in various ways. Most cats willingly accept catnip as an antidote to boredom or inactivity – or as a way to intensify already hilarious feline antics…

#4 A Cat’s Tale: What Your Cat’s Tail is Telling You
Cats communicate with a complex variety of body language, vocalization, and even scent signals that humans can’t smell. Even with all this communication, cats are an enigma with their seemingly aloof behavior…

#3 The Mystery of Mange: What is it and How is it Treated?
“Mange” is an unpleasant word, and many of us associate it with stray dogs and cats. However, mange is something all pet owners should know about, as it’s highly contagious and is not just a problem among strays. It can also be diagnosed in well cared for pets.

#2 Smelly Dog: Why Does My Dog Stink?
Unless they’ve just had a bath, most dogs will smell, well, like a dog. That hairy dog scent is almost unmistakeable and is usually nothing to worry about. But some stench might be a sign that there is a problem occurring on the skin or with your pet’s health.

#1 What to Expect When Your Dog Is Expecting: All You Need to Know About Having Puppies
If your dog is expecting, chances are, you have done a lot of research. There is much that goes into responsible dog breeding, and anticipating the arrival of your new litter is exciting. But, are you ready to be having puppies?

We are so pleased that so many of you have entrusted our staff and our blog to provide for your pet! Happy New Year!!