Understanding Bird Ownership Before You Adopt

bird ownershipA bird can make a fabulous pet that provides many years of companionship, but they aren’t the perfect match for everyone. Due to their specific needs and requirements, birds require (and deserve) an owner who can make a long-term commitment. Knowing the demands of bird ownership prior to adopting is the best way to decide whether this pet is right for you.

Magnificent Feathered Friends

Bird ownership is full of rewards. No matter your chosen species, birds are full of personality, surprises, and neverending delights. With that said, however, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that birds are also:

  • Sometimes noisy (from soothing songs to shocking squawks)
  • A bit messy
  • Demanding of your time, attention, and interaction
  • In need of special diets and vitamin support (such as vitamin D)

If these characteristics sound great to you, bird ownership could be a wonderful fit for you and your family.

Addressing Their Needs

Once you know what you’re dealing with, take into consideration whether you’re able to care for one throughout their entire lifespan. Many bird species can live up to 5 decades or more, leading many bird owners to draft accomodations into their last wills and testaments, should their feathered friends outlive them.

Bad Habits?

Birds are known to fling food around and eliminate pretty much wherever they please. While they’re meticulous self-groomers, birds will leave fallen feathers and dander in their wake. Also, given their instincts to chew, birds may lean towards destructive behavior.

Manage these challenges of bird ownership with the following tips:

  • Purchase a cage skirt to contain debris.
  • Keep a handheld vacuum near the cage and suck up any waste daily.
  • Scrape the bottom of the cage every day, and use newspaper or other liner to prevent droppings from drying to the cage.
  • Use sandpaper to clean wooden perches and other surfaces.
  • Offer your bird a variety of safe toys to chew on and shred so they’re not tempted to damage your furniture or other household goods.

Wild at Heart

Pet birds remain fairly wild, but the more you engage with yours, the better. Socialization is key to successful bird ownership. In fact, many species depend on a great deal of daily interaction and mental stimulation. If you have a room that’s set aside just for their enjoyment, they’ll be able to freely fly around.

Bird Ownership Routine

Just like other pets, birds reap the benefits of routine care. Not only do they depend on a daily schedule of mealtimes, interaction, and play, but it’s also critical to keep regular wellness appointments. Your avian vet can help you with the following:

Typically, you won’t know your bird is sick or injured until their condition is rather serious or irreparable. This makes routine check ups even more vital to long term health.

If our veterinarians and staff can assist you with bird ownership, please contact us.

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