When You Can’t Resist: Nailing the Perfect Pet Selfie

BevHills_iStock_000061948842_LargeIt’s been a few years since the selfie trend really took off, and while personal snapshots prevail, it’s the pet selfie that’s truly all the rage. Who wouldn’t want to see your pet’s smooshy face when he or she is looking absolutely adorable? But thanks to technical difficulties and distractions, it’s rare to snap the perfect picture the first time around (if ever!). So what’s the trick to accomplishing this nearly impossible feat?

Understanding the Basics…

Before we get started, understand that your pet’s interest in your photograph is nil. While he or she may be a good sport, it’s important not to force a picture-perfect pose on him or her. Keep an eye out for any signals that your pet has better things to do, and allow the moment to pass. Who knows? You may end up with an even better selfie in the long run.

…and Technical Details

With that in mind, get your smart phone ready. There are some fantastic apps for pet selfies (we said it was a big deal!), and loading up your phone or tablet could be your ticket to successful pet photos. May we suggest:

  • Big Camera Button
  • Install a timer (if your camera doesn’t have one)
  • Pooch Selfie (there isn’t a canine around that can resist a squeaky tennis ball attached to your phone)

Keen Poses

We admit there are some pretty funny poses in pet selfies that we all hope to achieve someday (especially those that zoom in on your pet’s pearly whites). However, as we mentioned earlier, it’s important to keep your pet happy. If he or she doesn’t want to give in to the moment, let it go. Alternatively, meet your pet on his or her level. Take the selfie where your puppy or kitten (or grown pet) already is, and keep the following in mind:

  • Treats can go a long way to achieving a dream pet selfie. Try these tips that involve wrapping your device in a Ziploc bag and smearing it with peanut butter. Better yet, hold a treat in the hand that’s holding your phone and start snapping away.
  • Toys are also effective motivators for sitting still and waiting for that rewarding “click” from the camera.
  • Exercise your pet prior to attempting a pet selfie. The more energy he or she has, the worse your picture may be.
  • Turn your flash off.
  • Hold your phone’s exposure button down so multiple shots are taken all at once. Then you can choose which pet selfie to upload to your favorite social media site.

Rock the Pet Selfie

Lastly, if you haven’t seen the PetBot, it may be just the thing to do all the legwork for you. Check it out and let us know what you think. Our veterinarians and staff are always happy to hear from you.