The Cattiest Cat Quirks of Modern Times

Cat playing Peek a Boo in a boxNow that winter has officially begun, your indoor-outdoor cat is probably spending much more time inside the home. The birthright of every domestic feline is a nap (scheduled or not) in a toasty, warm, sun-filled spot any day of the year – but especially during colder months. On this note, cat lovers everywhere can unite knowing that any old cardboard box does the trick to ensure feline bliss. Of all the cat quirks out there, the unmistakable allure of cardboard boxes deserves some respect.

But First, Instincts

Feral cats of all kinds continually search out places to rest. It’s part of their nature to seek a place of refuge that will allow them to be as protected as possible from predators or adversaries. In a box, 5 out of 6 sides cover a cat from sight and potential attack. The open side (the top) allows for easy observation and a speedy exit upon infiltration.

Cardboard Clues

Cardboard is surprisingly insulating, especially when it’s corrugated. Cats also like to feel warmer than we do, making the idea of piling into a too-small box a tantalizing treat for feline senses.

Oh, so Fun!

Whether it’s a box that’s been recently delivered or a present recently opened, cats just want to have fun. Staying true to their nature, felines trust in the surprise attack, using the cardboard box as immediate cover until it’s time to spring into action. Among their unusual and hilarious cat quirks, the power of the cardboard box is at the top.

There’s More to It

Interesting research shows that when shelter cats are provided with a cardboard box, they have an easier time adjusting to their environment. Boxes directly influence a cat’s perspective and prove to impact positive adoptions. Who knew cardboard boxes could be equated with potential forever homes? Brilliant!

Other Cat Quirks

Another one of our favorite cat quirks is the ever-mysterious action of “kneading.” The rhythmic pressing of the front paws is usually done on a soft surface, such as a blanket, pillow, or your lap. The various theories behind this include:

  • Kittens knead, or push, on their mother’s belly to trigger milk production. Nursing kittens develop a strong association between kneading, nourishing milk, and total contentment.
  • Cats of all kinds knead on grass, brush, or other plants to spread out a place for resting. Not unlike fluffing up your pillow at bedtime, this characteristic has been inherited by the cats we share our homes with.
  • Kneading effectively marks your cat’s territory. There are pheromones between your cat’s toes that transfer onto his or her favorite snoozing spot. How’s that for the human-animal bond?

Need More Reasons?

Cat quirks have been around for a long time, and we’re certain they will continue on in perpetuity. If you have any questions about your cat’s funny personality or intrinsic behaviors, we’re always happy to assist you. In the meantime, enjoy the humor in these cat quirks!