All About Cat Kneading

If you’ve ever had a cat snuggle up in your lap, you have likely noticed her engaging in an endearing, but perhaps also painful, rhythmic kneading into your thighs. Although those extended claws can hurt, she’s not actually scratching you, and may even purr contentedly as she pushes in and out with her paws. What gives?

Cat kneading is a normal, natural, and common cat behavior. Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates explains why cats knead. 


The Cattiest Cat Quirks of Modern Times

Cat playing Peek a Boo in a boxNow that winter has officially begun, your indoor-outdoor cat is probably spending much more time inside the home. The birthright of every domestic feline is a nap (scheduled or not) in a toasty, warm, sun-filled spot any day of the year – but especially during colder months. On this note, cat lovers everywhere can unite knowing that any old cardboard box does the trick to ensure feline bliss. Of all the cat quirks out there, the unmistakable allure of cardboard boxes deserves some respect.

But First, Instincts

Feral cats of all kinds continually search out places to rest. It’s part of their nature to seek a place of refuge that will allow them to be as protected as possible from predators or adversaries. In a box, 5 out of 6 sides cover a cat from sight and potential attack. The open side (the top) allows for easy observation and a speedy exit upon infiltration.