Help, My Dog Ate Chocolate!

A dog begging for chocolate.

Most dog lovers have some inkling that they are not supposed to feed their pet chocolate. Many have had the experience of sharing a small amount, though, without ill effects. At Beverly HIlls Veterinary Associates, our clients often ask how serious chocolate toxicity really is. So what does chocolate do to dogs actually, and if your dog ate chocolate, how worried do you need to be? Keep reading to find out.


Can You Train a Deaf Dog?

Training a deaf dog.

If you recently adopted a deaf or hearing-impaired dog, or if you think your older pet is losing her hearing, you might be wondering if training a deaf dog is possible. The answer is yes! With simple modifications, your hearing-impaired dog can learn to respond to training cues just like other pets.

At Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates, we’re here to help you nurture the bond you have with your special needs pet. Read on for reasons why dogs go deaf, training tips, and other ways to care for your deaf pet.


Unsung Heroes: The Reach and Impact of Today’s Service Dogs

A service dog opening a gate.

Far more than pets, service dogs are highly trained working dogs that assist differently-abled people. Sometimes, it’s their mere presence that provides a service to those in need. Other times, their specialized skills save lives. Service dogs are vital to humankind, but they aren’t all the same. It’s always fascinating to learn about the numerous types of working canines, and the many ways they impact the world.