Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Breed for Your Lifestyle

An assortment of different dog breeds sitting in the grass

From high-energy athletes to low-key lapdogs and everything in between, there are as many canine personalities as there are breeds. Whether you’re leaning toward bringing home a purebred puppy or adopting a shelter dog, finding the perfect pooch to suit your lifestyle will help you and your furry sidekick enjoy a mutually rewarding relationship. 

If you’ve been wondering, what is the best dog breed for my lifestyle?, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates has compiled some pointers on dog breeds that blend beautifully with different ways of life. 

What Are Your Lifestyle Factors?

First, ask yourself the following questions to determine your personal lifestyle:

  • Do you picture yourself with a large or small dog?
  • In your spare time, do you prefer long hikes or bingeing Netflix favorites?
  • Are there children in your home (or do you have plans for children)?
  • Is your income adequate to support annual vet visits, dog supplies, and surprise pet expenses?
  • Do you have enough time for training a new puppy? What about grooming?
  • How many hours are you away from home each day?
  • Do you have access to outdoor greenspace?
  • Does anyone in your home have allergies?
  • Do you have a backup plan for pet care when you’re on vacation?

Best Breed for Active Lifestyle

If you enjoy jogging, hiking, or other outdoor activities, it’s important to choose a dog that can keep up with your active lifestyle.

Here are five breeds to consider with no shortage of energy:

  • Border collie
  • Labrador retriever
  • Dalmatian
  • Rhodesian ridgeback
  • Weimaraner

Best Breed for Busy Lifestyle

Perhaps you work long days but still want the love and companionship of a dog when you return home. Consider these five, low-maintenance breeds for busy pet parents:

  • Newfoundland
  • Greyhound
  • Pug
  • Chihuahua
  • Basset hound

Best Breed for Quiet Lifestyle

If it’s a lapdog you’re looking for, there are plenty of low-key, calm dog breeds that don’t mind the moniker, “couch potato.” Here are five to consider:

  • Bichon Frise
  • English bulldog
  • Bullmastiff
  • Yorkshire terrier
  • Cavalier King Charles spaniel 

The Needs of All Breeds

No matter how active or sedentary your lifestyle, there is a dog breed that is right for you. And to reward your dog for being your steadfast partner in life, make sure all of his needs are met.

All dogs need the following:

  • Routine veterinary care with vaccines and year round parasite prevention
  • Breed and age-appropriate exercise to ward off bad behavior and maintain a healthy weight
  • Nutrient-rich, quality diet
  • Proper grooming
  • TLC and companionship
  • A comfy bed
  • Access to clean water at all times
  • Enrichment and playtime

We can’t wait to welcome your new dog to Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates! Please contact us at (248) 646–5655 to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about our veterinary services.