Feeling Out the Facts About Whisker Fatigue

The more you start to learn about cats and their behavior, the more it becomes apparent that we essentially have little lions in our home. Indeed, many of the things that they do are rooted in the same origins as their wild family members.

The more we learn about our fierce little housemates, the more it becomes apparent that certain things about domestic life can be stressful to them. From keeping them inside to forcing them into a family, we ask a lot of our feline friends.

Feline whisker fatigue is an issue that can result from the stress of life with humans, and Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates wants to save your cats from it.


A Case For a Sophisticated Palate: Why Dogs Eat Poop

Our canine companions certainly have some quirky habits. From stealing your shoes to chasing their tail, many are comical, cute, and even clever. Perhaps one of the dog’s least endearing traits, however, it the inclination to eat stool.

Why dogs eat feces is an age-old question that has plagued many a dog-lover. Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates doesn’t claim to be able to solve the mystery entirely, but we do have some excellent insight for you about why dogs eat poop.


Ticking Time Bomb: A 36-48 Hour Window Justifies Parasite Prevention

There are few moments worse than finding a tick on yourself or someone you love. Of course, we quickly jump to frightening conclusions of tick-borne illness, and for good reason. Incidents of Lyme disease are rising, and can have disastrous implications for pets and people alike.  

All this is to say, your pet’s parasite prevention must remain a high priority as we approach spring and summer.