Offering the Best Care for a Paralyzed Pet

A dog in a wheelchair.

Just like people, pets sometimes become or are born paralyzed for various medical reasons. Also just like with paralyzed people, Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates realizes that a paralyzed pet can live a long and fulfilling life. Read on to learn more. 


Your Role in Dog Ear Care

A cute puppy listens with a raised ear.

When it comes to your dog, the ears are a pretty great asset. Floppy or pricked, cropped or natural, they are pretty adorable and oh-so-soft to rub. They do need some attention from time to time, though, and Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates wants to share everything we know about proper dog ear care for attentive pet owners.


Our Heroes: The Many Jobs of Police Dogs

Police dog.

Humans have had close relationships with dogs for millennia. The primary jobs of clever canines were hunting, guarding, herding, and guiding, and they also served in the military. Europe in the Middle Ages saw an increase in lawlessness, and villages were individually tasked with protecting their citizenry. Citizens started deploying bloodhounds to keep people safe, and ever since, police dogs have been an integral part of law enforcement.