Little Paws, Big Hearts: How Volunteering with Your Pet Can Change a Life

Volunteering with your pet feels good.Volunteering your time or talents to improve the lives of those in need is a worthy cause, but adding a four-legged friend to the mix takes philanthropy to the next level. Volunteering with your pet is a wonderful way to give back to your community and bond with your pet at the same time. What could be better than that?


6 Ideas for Volunteering with Your Pet


There are plenty of opportunities for you and your pet to make a positive change in your community. Depending on your pet’s personality and the amount of time you have, any of the following options might be the right fit: Continue…

What to Expect When Your Dog Is Expecting: All You Need to Know About Having Puppies

If your dog is expecting, chances are, you have done a lot of research. There is much that goes into responsible dog breeding, and anticipating the arrival of your new litter is exciting. But, are you ready to be having puppies?

When your dog is having puppies, they rely on you to have a good handle on what to expect. Luckily, you aren’t alone. Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here to support you.


Understanding Bird Ownership Before You Adopt

bird ownershipA bird can make a fabulous pet that provides many years of companionship, but they aren’t the perfect match for everyone. Due to their specific needs and requirements, birds require (and deserve) an owner who can make a long-term commitment. Knowing the demands of bird ownership prior to adopting is the best way to decide whether this pet is right for you.