Getting to the Bottom Of… Dog Zoomies!!

Zoomies, or FRAPS (Frenetic Random Activity Periods) aren’t always predictable or entirely tolerable, but they can be incredibly fun and entertaining to watch. In fact, dog zoomies represent one of the best things about dog ownership. 

An opportunity to showcase their physical prowess, zoomies are often ridiculous and even inconvenient. They simply come with the territory, but dog zoomies demand more attention and understanding. 

Zoom, Zoom, ZOOM!

Your dog might appear possessed or bewitched when they suddenly get the urge to run around in large or small circles, zigzag, or just take off in any direction. This type of high-energy burst is referred to as a FRAP, and provides your dog with a fun outlet for any excess energy. In other words, dog zoomies allow pups to get their ya-yas out to their very best of their ability.

Play With Me!

The moment before the dog zoomies hit the yard, living room, dog park, or trail, your dog may play-bow in your general direction or at another animal (typically another friendly dog, but it can happen with cats and other species). They may spin in circles to “catch” their tail”, or just frantically run about in a hyperactive state.

FRAPS Are Normal

Puppies and younger dogs may experience the zoomies more often than senior dogs, but they can get in on the fun at any age.

Dog zoomies can be the result of pent up energy, but they can also happen when a dog is excited or interested by another animal. Confusion, doubt, nervousness or stress can cause dog zoomies. 

If they seem to happen a lot, it may be worthwhile to assess if they are getting enough exercise day to day. 

Other Reasons

Bath time zoomies are not uncommon, and an understandable source of owner exasperation. They may sit still the entire time they’re in the bath (unlikely, but not impossible), and simply have to zoom around as soon as they’re released. They’ll shake their coats, dash around, and smile the entire time!

Safety First

Dog zoomies are great for obvious reasons, but a zany dog can inadvertently knock down kids or seniors. They can also injure other household pets. Please be aware of your dog’s antics and either warn those in their path or steer your dog somewhere else.

Additionally, dog zoomies can cause your pet to injure themselves.

Dog Zoomies For Days!

It might be tempting to interpret dog zoomies as an invitation to play, but it’s best not to chase them. They will get their crazy, zany energy out and come back to you as if nothing weird occurred. Of course, if you are in an environment in which your dog could endanger themselves, like a busy park near a road, you may need to rely on your training methods to bring them to safety.

Frapping, or dog zoomies, are perfectly normal, but if you have questions about your dog’s health and safety please let us know