If you and your family have been stuck inside during the COVID-19 pandemic, we can sympathize. We’re all in the same boat. And you may be wondering what you can do to entertain your pet, who is bouncing off the walls, bored with sitting at home, too. There are numerous entertaining things you and your pet can do at home. 

No need for a lapse in activity and exercise! Your team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here to beat the boredom with these creative ideas for indoor pet activities.

8 Great Indoor Pet Activities to Inspire Fun

Bored with the usual walk around the neighborhood, or toss of the ball? We have you covered. These creative ideas for you and your best friend can help keep you both fit and engaged in something awesome.

  1. Train your dog to do tricks – If your dog is gifted when it comes to basic commands, you may want to up your game by teaching them cool tricks. From playing dead to rolling over, there are several tricks you can teach your dog that will be interactive and require patience, practice, and the oh-so-anticipated treat reward.
  2. Build a catio for your feline – Cats get bored with the usual ho-hum, too, so why not build your cat a catio? What’s a catio? Basically it is an extension that can be built in a window, as a gazebo, or off of a porch which is screened in for safety. This is a perfect pad for your pawed pal to watch birds and chill. You can also add toys, fake plants, and a place for you to sit and pet your furry friend.
  3. Teach your pet sign language – You can teach a dog many hand signals that cue them into what you want from them. Sign language is an awesome boost to the bond you share with your pet. It is yet another form of command training, but without verbal cues.
  4. Sign up for an online pet class – Can’t get out? Isolating at home? No problem. There are several online classes you can take to learn more about your dog or exercise together. Online doga classes (that’s yoga with dogs), aerobics for pets, and ballroom dancing with pets (yes, that’s right!) are great options. You can also learn how to make homemade treats and meals for your pet (and let them lick the bowl).
  5. Walk steps together – Stair climbing is a good way to shed excess weight from being inside too long and it is also aerobic exercise to keep you and your pet in shape. Grab your pet’s leash and walk up and down the stairs together. You can also get them to do it by throwing toys up and down stairwells.
  6. Practice pet portraiture – Work on your Instagram celebrity status by building up your photography skills using your dog or cat (or other pet) as a subject. Action shots are good for keeping your pet active and they love the attention. You never know; your pet can become the next Instagram star.
  7. Painting with your pup – Use a washable paint and grab some canvas, paint paper, or a t-shirt and  let your pet do their creative thing. You just may find out your pet is the next Picasso!
  8. Buy them new toys – Go through your pet’s collection of toys and ditch all of them that are worn or no longer interesting to your pet. Go online and buy some new varieties that encourage you to interact with your pet. Like a feather toy for your cat or a new frisbee for your dog. Treat dispensing games are also a great way for your pet to pass the time.

Questions About Indoor Pet Activities?

Keeping your pet busy while socially isolating can be hard on the entire family. Be sure to keep your pet exercised and enriched with games and toys that encourage them to move. When considering your next indoor activity, look for games that are interactive, rather than isolating, for your furry one. 

If you have tried several activities and are looking for more to beat the boredom blues, feel free to call us. Indoor pet activities ideas can also be found by searching online. And don’t forget to let us know what you and your pet come up with!