A Cat’s Tale: What Your Cat’s Tail is Telling You

Cats communicate with a complex variety of body language, vocalization, and even scent signals that humans can’t smell. Even with all this communication, cats are an enigma with their seemingly aloof behavior.

But learning some basics about a cat’s mood based on her tail position is relatively easy. And it can really enhance your relationship with your cat once you understand where she’s coming from. We’re looking at what tales your cat’s tail is telling you.


Should You be Toilet Training Your Cat? The Answer May Surprise You

toilet training your catIf you’ve cleaned out your cat’s litter box a few hundred times already this year, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Isn’t there another way?” Without a doubt, scooping clumps every day can feel pretty tiresome after awhile. While there are some great modern antidotes to this problem, such as “self-cleaning” litter boxes, it may be time to consider the pros and cons of toilet training your cat.


The Social Cat? Examining the Finer Points of Feline Behavior

BevHills_iStock_000004859480_LargeIf someone told you that you had the social skills of cat would you be a little…nonplussed? While cats can certainly be affectionate and friendly, as a group they are quiet, reserved, and even perceived as unapproachable. Feline behavior is complex, and making friends with a cat is never a sure thing. Whether you’re wondering about human-cat, dog-cat, or cat-cat relationships, Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates has the scoop on how cats socialize.

Feline Dynamics

If you’ve ever witnessed two cats that are unfamiliar with each other, the spectacle never fails to amaze. Puffed up tails and back fur, raised haunches, and an impressive ability to avoid eye contact round out the scene of territorial feline behavior.

Unlike dogs, cats hunt alone and establishing a hunting territory is vital to survival. Cats mark their borders in order to communicate and avoid conflict with other felines, using urine, feces, and various scent glands. Cats will eat, sleep, and play in a chosen territory, and will defend this core area from the possible threat of another feline. Continue…