A Look at Cat Behavior (and Some Things Cats Wish Owners Would Stop Doing)

Cats can be pretty easy to read – that is, if you speak their language. Using highly defined, super specific body language, cats convey a great variety of feelings. But they can also be incredibly subtle, and sometimes we don’t realize that what we’re doing is irritating them. What follows may include a swipe, hiss, or a simple departure from our company. 

So, what are the things we do as owners that cats find annoying? A closer look at cat behavior might just address this type of question.

Don’t Do That!

From opening up a trash can liner to turning on the vacuum cleaner, cats are pretty skittish when it comes to loud noises. They don’t understand that they aren’t in danger, and tend to make tracks STAT. 

A good solution to this is to make sure your cat is in another room before making loud, unpredictable, potentially threatening sounds. Your cat will definitely thank you!

Come On Now, Human!

One cat behavior that we all love is their ability and unwavering commitment to use their litter box. However, cats absolutely detest when their box isn’t clean. To keep your cat as happy as possible in this department, stay on top of any action in the box. Ideally, it would be empty every time they go in to use it, but they’ll appreciate it if you scoop once a day.


A certain cat behavior that puzzles some cat owners is their draw to running water. Although they generally dislike getting wet, cats are absolutely attracted to the sound – and sensation – of water coming from the tap, fountain, sprinkler, or shower. 

If you notice that your cat does this frequently and neglects their own bowl of standing drinking water, it could be time to invest in a drinking fountain just for them. 

A-hem… A Little Help Here?

It is true that cats are fastidious groomers. Aside from eating and playing, their waking hours are spent licking their fur until it gleams. If you have more than one cat you may notice that they spend time grooming each other, too. 

However, for various reasons (such as obesity, arthritis, and more) many cats need help occasionally in this department. They hate to ask for your assistance, but these cats could use some trimming, combing, or even bathing from time to time. Don’t forget to trim down their claws!

Space Bubble

Cats are widely perceived as being aloof or independent. While they are certainly capable of giving and receiving loads of affection, they often need some alone time to recharge. Cats hate when they are constantly bombarded with people and hands grabbing them and aggressively petting them. Sure, they might take it for awhile, but in general they profoundly dislike if they cannot spirit themselves away for a little “me time”.

Telling Cat Behavior

Hiding is one cat behavior that can be perfectly normal, but it can also signify they aren’t feeling well. Please watch out for other signs of telling cat behavior, and observe cat body language for more clues. Take care to notice the position of their tail, how they stand or walk, and the characteristics of their mouth, ears, and eyes.

If you have additional questions or concerns about cat behavior, Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates are always here to help.