Who or What Do Cats Hate, and Why?

Beverly Hills MI Hateful Cat

People that don’t know or understand cats might easily jump to the conclusion that cats hate everything. Indeed, their species can be a bit confounding at times. While it’s simply not true that they have ire in their hearts for all manner of things, they do seem to dislike/loathe some fairly peculiar ones that occasionally defy human logic. Amazingly, knowing what your cat prefers or, more importantly, doesn’t prefer is one of the best ways to care for your fluffy friend.

The Sights

Cats don’t enjoy being crowded. If they see more people in the house than normal, they’ll pursue the most protective cover possible. 

Being so attached to their territory, if they notice another cat or other animal invading they may feel forced to act on their feline instincts. For this reason alone, it may be worth it to keep your cat indoors. When they are inside, close the blinds or curtains if you notice other cats near your home. 

It’s worth mentioning that cats can certainly get along in the same home, but it may take time if they aren’t a bonded pair. Before you adopt another cat, be sure your resident fluffypants can handle such an abrupt shift and introduce them slowly. 

The Sounds

Respectful cat owners will respectfully reduce or eliminate sounds that upset their cat. This could mean only using the vacuum cleaner behind closed doors, or while their cat is on another floor altogether.

Other sounds that are particularly vexing to cats include: traffic, thunder, loud human voices, blasting music/drums, opening trash bags, and even surprising sneezes.

The Smells

Cats hate when their litter boxes stink, and who could blame them? Owners should try to keep one box per cat, plus one more. Try to keep them on each floor of the house, and scoop them out at least once a day (or more in a multi-cat household). 

They are very attached to their litter, and many do not like it when it’s switched up. This is particularly true if the litter has a strong, perfumey smell to it. The result may be that your cat decides to urinate or defecate outside their box, wherever they feel like it.

The Touchy-Feelies

Perhaps unsurprisingly, cats hate being handled aggressively or too much. Many approve of light stroking from their head down to the tail. Others simply enjoy a head or neck scratch. Get to know the ways your cat likes to be touched and respect when they jump down suddenly. Petting-induced aggression is very real!

Another thing cats dislike when it comes to touch, or how they feel physically, is getting wet. This doesn’t apply to every cat around the world (some are terrific swimmers!), but generally speaking, cats hate feeling soggy.

The Tastes

There are loads of things that cats won’t eat. Like their litter, they dislike when their food is changed. Likewise, they really loathe when their kibble goes stale, or their wet food dries out. Be sure to clean out their bowls between meals, discarding any uneaten food.

Obviously, cats hate when they have to take medicine. Those pill guns are the worst! However, sometimes it’s necessary and they just have to accept the process. Be sure to give your cat lots of praise and a yummy treat or two to help the “medicine go down”.

Cats Hate Many Things (for Good Reason!)

Between strangers, cucumbers, the delivery truck, power tools, lawn mowers, and more, cats hate certain things for pretty good reasons. All this being said, one of their biggest complaints is being ignored. They really, really hate being on your back burner!

If you need help addressing your cat’s mental and physical needs, the Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates are always here for you.