Fun Ways to Get Through Winter With Your Pet

The idea of enduring several months of sub-zero temperatures, wind, and black ice might sound terrible, but since we live in Michigan, it’s what we have to work with, right? 

We may as well try to make the best of the weather. Sure, there are some precautions when it comes to getting through the winter with your pet, but once you’ve prepared for the worst, good times are all but guaranteed.

Creature Comforts

The winter can be delightful (at least in the beginning), but it can cause serious dangers to your pet’s paws. If you haven’t already, invest in a set of waterproof pet booties. They may not appreciate them at first, but given the chance to get used to them they’ll likely embrace them on one of Michigan’s coldest days of the year.

Likewise, an insulating vest or sweater can go a long way toward creating a happy pet in the outdoors.


Cool Weather and Our Pets

iStock_000005429377_Large.jpgThe temps will drop soon, changing the landscape and our habits. Instead of laying out in our yards or playing at the park, we are instead raking leaves and plodding through the pumpkin patch.

Not surprisingly, the fall and winter months present their own unique challenges for pet owners. Pets can suffer from extreme cold, just as they can from extreme heat, and it’s best to be aware of what your pet is up against as the temps begin to dip. So bundle up and learn a little more about cool weather and pets.

Winter’s Coming

As the temps begin to drop and a chill settles into the air, consider the following for your pet’s safety and health: Continue…