Caring for Small Dogs Is No Small Task

Beverly Hills, MI small dog.

Having a small breed dog as your faithful companion brings a lot of benefits. Portability is certainly one, but small dogs can also be really fun and loving pets. 

Small dogs everywhere deserve the best homes and wellness care available. Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates wants to be sure that those pint-sized pooch lovers out there know just how to care for their little treasures.

A Dog is a Dog, Right?

When it comes to caring for a dog, a Saint Bernard and a teacup Yorkie are the same species. That means that, for the most part, those who care for both have similar responsibilities. 

Good pet wellness care for any dog involves:

Keeping these foundation needs in mind will help pet owners be successful no matter the size of their animal.

Going the Extra Mile for Small Dogs 

While small dogs are still dogs, they do tend to need some different and sometimes extra care than their larger counterparts. 

When caring for small dogs, keep these areas of pet care in mind:

Dental care—Small breed dogs are more prone to developing dental disease over time. Starting a good home dental care routine early and allowing frequent oral examinations and cleanings with us can help to ward off problems. 

Exercise and nutrition—Small dogs are more prone to becoming overweight as their owners don’t always realize they also need plenty of exercise. They also are more likely to get extra treats and table food, which add on unneeded calories quickly.

Behavior—Little guys get away with more. While it is not as problematic for your small dogs to jump on people, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t encourage good manners. Likewise, we may inadvertently reward aggressive or otherwise bad behavior. Obedience training isn’t just for big dogs.

Hazards—Small dogs are much more likely to get underfoot or accidentally injured. Pet toxins are also much more likely to affect small dogs as their effects often increase as the amount of toxin to bodyweight ratio increases. A small piece of chocolate or a dropped pill is much more likely to cause trouble in a small dog than a large one. 

Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is happy to help you to take good care of your pets big or small. Please contact us with any questions you might have about anything pet related. Quality pet care is what we do best for big dogs, small dogs, and cats, too.