Whiz Kid: Why Does My Dog Pee When Excited?

An excited dog jumps on someone's leg.

Those of us who have cared for dogs over the years, know that the occasional accident will happen. In puppies and young dogs, peeing can spontaneously occur when they get too riled up or excited, as they don’t have total bladder control. If you have been dealing with pee spots on the rug when your dog rushes to greet you or when they are over-enthused, you’re not alone. 

The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here to explain the phenomenon of submissive urination and get to the bottom of your question, “Why does my dog pee when excited?”


Tips to Calm an Anxious Pet Before Going to the Vet

A Dalmatian looks anxious behind the couch..

Most pets don’t really relish the idea of going for their annual wellness checkups or other veterinary visits. But these checkups are crucial for their ongoing health and well-being, and to catch any possible disease or illness in their early stages. If your pet gets anxious easily, he or she may run under the bed at the slightest jingle of the carrier door opening, or begin to tremble when you take them to the car. This can be upsetting for both owner and pet alike.

The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here to provide some simple solutions to calm anxious pets, so they can have a more relaxed veterinary visit.


Is It Time to Teach Your Pet Tricks?

A pet gives a woman a high five.

The animals we share our lives with bring so much to the proverbial table. They inspire us to exercise and socialize more, and their very nearness and companionship adds to our well-being. The fact that they can be trained to do certain things for us is like icing on the cake. We’re not just talking about training them to understand and demonstrate basic commands. Teaching your pet tricks is undoubtedly fun and entertaining, and can be useful to boot!