Winter Pet Activities That Make Time Fly

Beverly Hills Dog Playing Winter Game

Many of us are hunkered down at home and will be for the foreseeable future, with more time on our hands than we’re used to. With a long winter on the horizon, this stretch of time can feel unmanageable – especially if you have a pet to entertain. The good news is that winter pet activities are fun for everyone involved, and go a long way toward sustaining a healthy, happy lifestyle. 

New Tricks for Your Pets

There may not be a better time to curb unwanted behavior and teach your pet new tricks than right now. From cats that shred the furniture to dogs that bark unnecessarily, this winter is the prime opportunity to redirect these behaviors toward more acceptable ones. 

Many pet owners are turning to agility training or obedience training as well. Training gives your pet something to do and stimulates their mental and physical intelligence. Plus, the trust built between may deepen your bond. Don’t forget that cats can be trained to do many wonderful things, too!

Indoor Winter Pet Activities

Your pet will relish any games you design for them. Try:

  • Indoor hide and seek with just yourselves or with their favorite toys and treats. 
  • Learn how to practice pet yoga together
  • Provide brain games with food treats or puzzles. 

Get Crafty

On days that are just too darn cold for anyone to venture safely or comfortably outdoors, there are many things you can do at home. If you’re a crafty type of person, check out how to knit a sweater for your pet! For the foodies out there, customize pet treat recipes just for your four-legged friend using fresh, local ingredients, like apples or pumpkins. 

Start Small

Of course, most pets (we’re looking at you, pups) need to get outside and engage in vigorous outdoor exercise regularly. Otherwise you might be looking at a bored, disgruntled or destructive animal. Getting outside is key to everyone’s sanity, but be sure that winter safety is closely observed. 

Get moving with any of these winter pet activities:

  • Play fetch in the snow with a ball or frisbee (be sure your gear isn’t white!)
  • Snowshoeing is one of the best winter workouts. Either pull your dog on their own sled or provide them with their own set of warm, waterproof booties.
  • Speaking of sledding, if your pet is up for an adrenaline rush while closely held by you, hit a small sledding hill together.

Hit the Road

While there may be stay at home orders this winter, when they are lifted it can do the soul a lot of good to go for a drive. Most dogs love car rides and don’t need to be asked twice to hop into the car. Be sure to carefully restrain them with pet seat belts or harnesses. 

Safe and Healthy Pets

There are so many great things you and your pet can do together. Without a doubt, it’s time for all of us to up our game plan for winter pet activities. If you have further questions or concerns about how to keep your pet safe in the elements, please let us know

From all of us at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates, have a safe and happy winter!