Cat Training: Fun and Easy Tricks to Teach Your Cat

A gray tabby cat gives her human a high-five.

Does your favorite feline have you trained to bow to her every whim? If you feed her on demand, wake up when she “tells” you to, and find another place to sit when she commandeers your chair, the answer is “yes!” At Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates, we love seeing clever cat behavior, and we have news that might surprise you: With a little ingenuity, you can flip the script and teach your furry feline some tricks of her own.

Benefits of Pet Training

Working one-on-one with your cat on a few simple commands can be a mutually rewarding experience that strengthens the bond you have with your cat. 

Plus, cat training provides your cat with mental and physical stimulation, both of which can boost her overall health and wellbeing.

Prepping for Pet Tricks

A little preplanning goes a long way when you’re trying to teach your cat basic pet tricks. Use this checklist to make sure you have what you need:

  • A clicker for clicker training (or you can make a “click” sound yourself).
  • A peaceful place in your home that your cat associates with positivity.
  • A special treat to use only for cat training. (For a cat who isn’t food motivated, try loving pats, special praise, or a toy.)
  • A time of day when you’re not likely to be interrupted. Silence your cell phone or leave it in another room. 
  • Keep each cat training session short and sweet—15 minutes max. End the session early if kitty seems disinterested. 
  • A positive mindset! Reward your cat’s good behavior and ignore the rest. NEVER punish your cat.

Here Kitty Kitty

Teaching your cat to come when called isn’t just practical—it can keep your pet safe. 

  • Pick a word such as “here” or “come” followed by your cat’s name.
  • Sit or stand next to your cat and say your chosen word. Click and offer a reward if she looks at you.
  • Take one step farther away and say your chosen word. 
  • Click and offer a reward if she approaches.
  • Gradually increase the distance.


Combine this cat trick with Here Kitty Kitty. 

  • When your cat approaches you, say “sit.”
  • Hold the treat above her head so her gaze turns upward.
  • This should cause her to sit naturally.
  • Click and reward her! 

Gimme a High Five

Tack on this popular trick once your cat learns to come and sit.

  • Get eye-level with your cat. 
  • Hold her favorite treat out in front of her.
  • When she paws your hand, click and reward.
  • Once she learns that pawing your hand results in a treat, you can say “high five.” with one palm open, and offer her a treat with your other hand.

Training your cat can be fun and rewarding for both of you. Please contact us for more cat training tips and tricks!