How to Clean Your Cat’s Paws

How to clean your cat's paws.

Cats seem to thoroughly enjoy keeping themselves clean, but even the most fastidious felines need a little extra help making sure their paws are properly cared for. After all, those little feet have a lot of chasing, jumping, and pouncing to do every day, so keeping them in tip-top shape should be part of any home pet grooming routine.

The cat lovers at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates have put together some hints to help you pamper your cat’s paws.

Wipe Them Clean

Think about all of the places your cat walks in a day! Cuddle time is the perfect time for a gentle inspection and cleaning of your cat’s paws. While you’re petting and soothing your cat, carefully examine her paw pads and cat nails. Peek between her toes for pieces of cat litter or other debris. Lovingly clean each paw with a baby wipe (or a damp, soft cloth).

Watch for Boo-Boos

If you spot any cuts or injuries on her sensitive paw pads or between her toes, clean the wound using gentle soap. If the injury looks serious or has obvious signs of a skin infection, such as swelling or oozing, it’s best to make an appointment with your cat’s veterinarian. Also, contact us right away if your cat is limping or not putting weight on a certain paw. 

Nip Her Cat Nails

Every few weeks, trim your cat’s claws, even if she loves her scratching post and leaves your sofa alone. Shorter cat nails can keep her from getting her claws caught in the carpet. Plus, you won’t wince when she practices making biscuits on your lap! Use trimmers made specifically for cats. If you’ve never trimmed your cat’s nails, ask your Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates doctor for a demonstration at her next checkup.

Pamper Her Paw Pads

If your cat’s paw pads are dry or cracked and in need of extra pampering, you can massage a small amount of veterinarian-approved paw butter or balm into the pads during your cat grooming session. But if the irritation seems severe or her paw pads are swollen, contact us right away. There is a condition called pododermatitis (also known as “pillow foot”) that requires immediate treatment.

Keep Your Floors Clean, Too!

Your kitty loves to lick her paws, so it’s important to keep the surfaces in your home free from harmful household toxins. Be sure to wipe up any spills right away, and if possible, use pet-safe, nontoxic cleaning products. Clean her paws right away if you suspect that she has stepped in something harmful.

When it comes to cat grooming, taking care of your cat’s paws is important for her overall health and comfort. Feel free to contact us for more cat grooming tips and tricks!