Mixed Pit Bull Breed Being TrainedDogs are hard-wired to please their owners. Unfortunately, when they “act out” or behave badly, some owners respond in a fashion that actually reinforces the offense. Indeed, the idea that dogs implicitly understand what we want is important, but getting to the bottom of what they need from us is equally important.

Remember, the best dog training involves building trust, establishing control, and mastering basic commands. From there, the sky’s the limit!

Bad Dog!

House training, barking, chewing, jumping, digging, soiling, escaping, and begging are just a few standard wayward canine behaviors. When a dog’s needs aren’t recognized, phobias, separation anxiety or canine aggression can develop, creating a rift at home. However, through positive reinforcement, even the most difficult dogs can be trained successfully.

Your Commitment

To really change your dog’s behavior, you must adhere to a consistent routine. Patience, trust, and affection will greatly contribute to your dog’s learning. Try to keep your mood bright and cheerful, and keep initial training sessions short and sweet. Remember to have fun as you build a better future with your dog!

Positive Reinforcement

Dog training is most effective when positive reinforcement techniques are applied. This means that when your dog does something good or performs correctly, he or she receives a reward. Whether it’s a treat, special activity, praise, or physical attention, your dog’s reward helps him or her understand what you want and expect.

To be sure, when your dog realizes that you’re pleased – and a performance-based reward is given –  that behavior has a greater chance of being repeated. However, like learning a new language, this training method can take some time to develop. Once the foundation is established, behavioral problems can be effectively corrected.

Basic Dog Training

When teaching your dog the following commands, reward him or her immediately to reduce confusion and to avoid inadvertently rewarding the wrong action:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Leave it
  • Watch me
  • Off

While your dog will definitely respond to (healthy) tasty treats, rewards that elicit great pleasure (like a belly rub or playtime with a favorite toy) are quite powerful as well.

Clicker training is also very popular in the world of dog training. Along with (or in place of) treats, use the clicker sound to positively reinforce your dog’s good behavior. Once a command is mastered, all you have to do is respond with a simple “yes.”
Trying to figure out where to start?  Sportsmen’s Dog Training Club of Detroit is a great option in our area.

Dog Training for Life

While vital for puppies, dog training is crucial throughout adulthood and your pet’s senior years. We know your pup is intelligent, and with your calm, consistent support, he or she can be the dog you’ve always wanted. Plus, dog training helps with socialization, enrichment, and overall health and happiness. Please contact us for more suggestions; we’ll be more than happy to point you and your furry one in the right direction.

Happy dog training!