Fun Pet Recipes That Satisfy the Rumbly Tumbly

Dog sitting for treat.

You know how you get bored when you eat the same things all the time? Pets do, too! Sure, their tastes might not be described as refined, but they sure do like to experience new flavors and experience different textures every once in a while. This can explain why they look at you imploringly whenever you sit down to relish a meal, or beg/whine at the first smell of something deliciously savory. Don’t worry, with our fun pet recipes, your pet will not only fill up their tummy, but will meet their quota for ultimate nutrition to boot.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

It’s easy to burn out on commercially available pet treats. While some pets might not notice this, packaged pet treats tend to hit the same notes on your pet’s palette. Plus, they’re designed to be a little addictive, and have the ability to turn your pet’s cravings up to eleven in no time flat. In other words, they are akin to human junk food.

We’re not saying that there’s no room for these crunchy biscuits or fish-shaped bites. There’s a better way to supplement your pet’s diet while satisfying their munchies at the same time.

Doing It Yourself

There are loads of artisan treat makers out there. From farmer’s markets to high-end specialty pet stores, there’s no real shortage of boutique treats. However, when you follow your own fun pet recipes you know exactly what’s in them, how they’re made, and what will interest your pet the most.

Decisions, Decisions

When discovering and experimenting with fun pet recipes, it is crucial to understand how they affect your pet’s daily caloric count. Offset any extra calories consumed from the recipes by reducing their typical meal portions. It may take some time to iron out details like this. While you certainly don’t want your pet to be missing their usual portions, you don’t want the opposite to happen either.

What Do They Like?

Dogs and cats like specific flavors. They might not immediately go crazy for ingredients like squash or potato, but they will eventually be won over by their wholesome goodness. 

Also, please remember that your pet depends on certain nutrients in order to achieve optimal wellness. Cats are obligate carnivores and must have taurine and other essential amino acids to enjoy a healthy life.

We recommend trying out any of these fun pet recipes:

Fun Pet Recipes for the Holidays

It’s sadly not uncommon for pets to get into trouble around the holidays. While sometimes they are affected by other incidents than food, dangerous human ingredients are largely responsible for holiday pet poisonings or bouts of pancreatitis

Keep your pet safe this holiday by offering them any of the above fun pet recipes before or during your own holiday family dinners. This can distract them from being overly interested in the toxins on our tables, and keeps them full and happy.

If you have any questions or concerns about holiday pet safety, or need help with our fun pet recipes, please give us a call at (248) 646–5655.