Finding the Best Pet Gifts This Year

Holiday pet gifts.

Attempting to find the perfect present for your best buddy might be a bit of an uphill climb. For starters, there’s no such thing as perfect (unless you plan on giving them a cardboard box). Secondly, we all know that pets can show initial interest in something only to completely ignore it for the rest of time. The takeaway here is that, while it’s fun to be generous and inclusive this time of year, the best pet gifts aren’t always purchased.

In and Of Itself

Sure, your pet likes new stuff, and will likely show lasting enthusiasm if it’s really fun, entertaining, or super cool. As long as the pet gifts you’re considering for them don’t increase the risks to their health or wellbeing, they’ll be really glad you thought of them during the holidays.

What to Consider

Gone are the days that people willingly provide string or yarn to cats; sticks or hooves to dogs. We know so much more now about what really lights pets up mentally and physically, there’s no reason to give play objects like these. Plus, these types of toys have proven time and time again to be extremely dangerous to pet health and safety. 

Safe Pet Gifts

Choosing pet gifts that are as indestructible as possible is obviously important for the life of the toy. More importantly, broken, frayed, or torn up pieces can cause choking hazards, mouth injury, or GI obstruction. In other words, it’s hugely problematic if they can swallow or choke on their toys.

Pet toys can also contain dangerously high levels of toxic chemicals. If possible, try to purchase pet gifts from reputable retailers and check labels for warnings. Lastly, remove stuffies as soon as they start to show wear to limit your pet’s ability to ingest fluff, beads, or squeakers. 

Holiday Pet Gifts

Chances are, your pet will be beside themselves with joy regarding all the boxes and wrapping paper laying around after the family gift exchange. But to really treat them to seasonal joy, try any of these vet recommended pet gifts:

Give the gift of long-lasting mental and physical health with any of these pet gift ideas:

This holiday season, we hope you and your pet will be able to spend lots of extra time together. Settle in for a cozy movie marathon. Go for long walks in the snow. Or check out any of these indoor pet activities to stay busy all winter long.

If you have any questions or concerns about the nature or safety of certain pet gifts, please give us a call at (248) 646–5655. The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates wishes you a safe and happy holiday season.