A Cat’s Tale: What Your Cat’s Tail is Telling You

Cats communicate with a complex variety of body language, vocalization, and even scent signals that humans can’t smell. Even with all this communication, cats are an enigma with their seemingly aloof behavior.

But learning some basics about a cat’s mood based on her tail position is relatively easy. And it can really enhance your relationship with your cat once you understand where she’s coming from. We’re looking at what tales your cat’s tail is telling you.


When Pets Like Music, What Should You Play?

Music plays a huge role in our lives. Indeed, humans grow up singing at school, during sporting events, in the shower, or listening to the radio in the car. Aside from your lucky family and friends, who else gets to enjoy your vocal stylings? Your pet, of course!

While your furry counterpart may not be singing harmonies of their own, they are commonly exposed to them, which begs the question: do pets like music?


Uh Oh! Your Dog’s A Digger: Why Dogs Dig

Has your lawn or garden ever been sacrificed to the paws of your single-minded dog? If your dog is a digger, you may be throwing your hands up in frustration.

Aside from the holes in the ground, digging is one of the more difficult behaviors to understand, and may be a symptom of a greater problem.

Although it can usually be managed, it’s important to start with an understanding of the reasons why dogs dig.